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Mission Statement

Our mission is preserving the history and hobby of trains.  We do this through model train sales,  customization,  layout building, and education.   

We view our mission as a journey, not a destination.

Digital Command Control

We offer custom Digital Command Control (DCC) installation for N, HO, Lionel, and O gauges. DCC provides realistic control, multiple locomotive control, realistic movement, and pro-typical sound.

Installation labor rates are reasonably priced at:


  • N scale (ready) $20
  • N scale (not ready) $35
  • HO scale (ready) $20
  • HO scale (not ready) $35
  • Lionel varies per install


Decoder and speaker are additional cost, and price varies based upon features and scale. Prices are per – single locomotive installation and equipment.

We also perform complete DCC layout installations. Do you want DCC, but don’t know where to start? Contact us today, and we will provide you with an assessment, and quote to convert your layout to DCC